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Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructors offering private and group lessons in One-Handed and Two-Handed Fly Casting

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Meet Phil Gay: Maryland

Phil Gay - Maryland


Phil Gay's Company, Trout & About, is a fly fishing instruction, guiding and destination company providing high quality fly fishing services. We offer fly fishing classes and schools, local and out of area guiding on select rivers, and destination trips to select locations.

Trout & About was established over fifteen years ago by Phil Gay and Carol Stevenson. Phil is a retired Naval Officer who has been fly fishing since he was ten years old, and Carol has been an avid fly fisherman for about twenty five years.

All of our instructional options include the use of equipment plus flies and lunch as appropriate.

Our instructors are led by Trout & About founder Phil Gay who is a Federation of Fly Fishers Master certified instructor. Phil has also produced two instructional videos titled “Practical Fly Casting” and “Presentation Casts for Trout”.   Other instructors are Phil’s wife Carol and his son John.

Personal Casting Instruction

Fly casting instruction is one to four hours with no session longer than two hours. Classes over two hours will be conducted over two days.  Includes instructional booklets and use of equipment.
The four hour class is intended to make the average beginner stream ready.

 ONE DAY SCHOOL AND TWO DAY SCHOOLS - For more information visit our website

Website - www.troutandabout.com

Email - trotabot@mindspring.com