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Meet Craig Buckbee: New Jersey

Craig Buckbee


In the metro area Craig Buckbee can be found teaching in NY’s Central Park and NJ’s Liberty State Park and when upstate, all over the Delaware River system as well as the Upper Susquehanna River and a variety of smaller waters and tributaries in between.

Craig knows how to throw a fly line and loves to teach others to do the same, whether it’s short line accuracy to a trout, mends, a 70′ quick-cast to a Bonefish, or answer that question, “What the hell do I do with this Switch Rod?!” All are skills and as with other athletic activities will need to be practiced… correctly.
An hour to two hour lesson is usually enough to get you going… then he will send you home to work on your own with the idea that you will meet for a second session once you’ve put in some practice time.

Licensed New York State fishing guide # 6698

CONTACT CRAIG: easterncaster@gmail.com
Jersey City, New Jersey
Phone: 201 798-6556